Desalination plant of Sagunto, Valencia

Reinforcement of the supply system for the metropolitan area of Valencia and Camp de Morvedre (L´ Eliana)
Scope of action: Cuenca Hidrográfica del Jucar
Total investments: 37,700,000 €

Description of worksState: Works in progress

The purpose of the action is to cover part of the water deficit that is expected in the short to medium term as a result of population growth and industrial expansion, of the town of Sagunto and the rest of the district of Camp de Morvedre. To achieve this goal a new desalination plant has been designed with a production capacity of 22,900 m3/day, which is used for domestic and industrial use. The plant is located next to the new combined cycle power plant of the company Unión Fenosa Generación in the port of Sagunto. In this way, the infrastructures for the intake of sea water and discharge from the power plant are made use of, such as for raw water uptake and discharge of brine from the desalination plant.

Works of the plant finished and the testing phase completed. The works for the pipelines are in progress.