Remodeling and commissioning of the Marbella desalination plant

Remodeling and commissioning of the Marbella desalination plant
Scope of action: Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza
Total investments: 37,300,000 €

Description of worksState: Works in service

With this initiative the Marbella desalination plant starts operating with an annual water production capacity of 20 hm3. The acquisition of this desalination plant allows its production to be integrated into the management of surface and groundwater resources of the entire area, with a positive induced impact on the security of supply to Málaga capital. The Marbella desalination plant, with an annual production capacity of 20 hm3, was acquired by Acuamed from the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol, and its public company Acosol, in 2006. It had been commissioned in 2005, together with the Andalusian Water Agency, who co-financed the operation, in order to solve the serious existing drought problem at that time and in later years, and to regularise the plant's anomalous situation, which had not been put in service since its construction was completed in the late 90s.