Conditioning of irrigation channels to deliver surplus to the two bays (Tarragona)

Water control programme for the waters from the Ebro Delta Feeding the bays with fresh water from the irrigation canals. 1st stage
Scope of action: Cuenca Hidrográfica del Ebro
Total investments: 5,100,000 €

Description of worksState: Finalizada

In the Ebro Delta there are large areas aimed at the production of rice with high water consumption. When water is no longer needed in the rice fields, much of the flow from the concession of the channels of the Right and the Left of the river Ebro river is discharged back to the river, not entering the delta system and therefore not reaching the bays at one of the most critical times of the year from the point of view of the need of fresh water. The purpose of this action is to allow the input of fresh water from irrigation canals directly to the bays.

Work underway.