Dredging of canals and "provideros" that link the coastal lagoons with the bays (Tarragona)

Water control programme for the waters from the Ebro Delta Feeding the bays with fresh water from the irrigation canals. 1st stage
Scope of action: Cuenca Hidrográfica del Ebro
Total investments: 3,700,000 €

Description of worksState: Works completed and received
The coastal lagoons of the Delta have a number of direct connections with the sea, called "provideros", which facilitate the exchange of water masses between the two environments. The salt balance of the lagoons is maintained primarily by freshwater input from freshwater that comes from irrigation, so without these contributions there would be a rapid increase in salinity due to the entry of sea water, evaporation and stagnation in the water due to the absence of exchange. On the other hand, the "provideros" make up a natural system to capture fish, because through them in the months of March to June there is the annual recruitment of fish allowing aquaculture-fisheries in coastal lagoons to be carried out. The action involves the dredging of material accumulated over time in the "provideros" to encourage the renewal of water between the lagoons and bays. STATE OF THE ACTION: Works that have been met and received.