Integral restoration of the riverside forest in the different areas chosen upstream of Tortosa on river islands and riverbank (Tarragona)

Hydrological restoration of the continuity of the river Ebro
Scope of action: Cuenca Hidrográfica del Ebro
Total investments: 2,400,000 €

Description of worksState: Works completed and received

Human activity has modified part of the river Ebro by invading it with crops that have reduced the native vegetation of the area. Moreover, all kinds of rubbish and debris have been tipped onto the riverbanks, which contributed to finding vertical banks caused by erosion processes, which generate various areas with a mismatch of trees, and areas where the cane falls towards the river . In the section upstream of Tortosa, the action seeks the restoration of the riparian ecosystems in places that are of interest, due to the presence of vegetation with great importance, but threatened by inadequate public use and its compatibility with people's leisure activities.


Works completed.