Supply of Llosa del Cavall. Section of Calaf to Igualada (Barcelona)

Supply of Llosa del Cavall
Scope of action: Cuencas Internas de Cataluña
Total investments: 36,800,000 €

Description of worksState: Works in progress

The regions of Solsonés, Bages and Anoia, located in the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, in the geographic centre of Catalonia, experience great problems of supply, especially made up from the lack of guarantee of service, with many failures in the provision of water during periods of drought, and a certain insecurity about the water quality that is supplied to homes. This action is intended to supply water to the region of Solsonés and Bages from the reservoir of the Llosa del Cavall by a 52.3 km long pipeline, and several pumping stations.

Work underway.