Cerro Blanco pipeline to the water treatment plant of El Atabal

Cerro Blanco pipeline to the water treatment plant of El Atabal
Scope of action: Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza
Total investments: 41,400,000 €

Description of worksState: Finalizada

To improve the current high level supply network in the city of Málaga, which currently runs through a system of open channeling together with the irrigation, a water catchment is made use of in the Azud de Aljaima, in the channel of the river Guadalhorce, remodeling existing pumping facilities, and a 21 kilometer pipeline from the catchment to the desalination plant of El Atabal. In addition, this pipeline is part of the overall project being developed by the Andalusian Water Agency to ensure supply throughout the Bajo Guadalhorce and generally provide more efficient management of water resources. This action also involves the section that would connect this pipeline to the Azud de Cerro Blanco and the improvement of the interconnection to potable water infrastructures of Málaga to the connection of the Atabal plant with the Drinking Water Treatment Plant of Pilones. This connection is made using two additional works projects of the Aljaima-Atabal pipeline project.

-PROJECT FOR THE ALJAIMA-ATABAL PIPELINE. The works were completed in August 2012.

- PROJECT FOR ADDITIONAL WORKS OF THE PILONES-ATABAL LINK: The additional works project has been divided into two divisions.

-Division No.1 Section of Pilones WTP - Rio Campanillas is in the drafting phase of the construction project.

- The works of the additional project Division No. 2 were completed in February 2013.